National Telecommunications Institute (NTI)

During the last few years, Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) has witnessed a great tremendous achievement in information and communications technology (lCT) field. This achievement has been demonstrated by a remarkable quantitative and qualitative upgrade of ICT services and technologies.

By April 2012, the number of fixed telephone subscribers reached 8.6 million, mobile users increased to 92 million and Internet users exceeds 30.8 million.

This boost was not only quantitative but also qualitative and is represented by introducing new services and technologies such as: intelligent network (IN), CDMA and WiMax technology, transmission of video and voice over Internet protocol (V0IP), and digital switches all over Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE).

The extension of telecommunication service coverage, the large diversity of its systems, its sophisticated techniques and the increasing complexity of its networks have created important challenges for the engineering staff on various levels.

This emphasizes the importance of training and education quality to provide the needed professional engineers and enforces applied research to solve the technical problems.

The important Role, played by national telecommunication institute (NTI) established in 1983 has become very apparent and at the heart of the development that have been taken place.

NTI is considered a center of excellence, a leading training and educational institution, and focal point for applied research activities in the field of telecommunications.

The research and training facilities in all different departments together with a team of highly qualified researchers and technical staff enhance NTI capabilities to provide services and support for the telecommunications sector not only in Egypt but also in the rest of the Arab world and the whole region.