Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is the competent ministry in the field of education for grades and certificates education (elementary / junior high / high school / academic) in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is also responsible for giving educational licenses Academies middle and high schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education.
The Ministry of Education is committed to developing the education system of pre-university in Egypt to provide a leading model in the region, and through, providing high-quality education for all as a fundamental right of human rights; and the preparation of all children and young people informed citizenship in the knowledge society, in light of a new social contract based on democracy and freedom and social justice; and the establishment of an educational system that supports decentralized community participation and good governance and ensure the reform of the Department of Education efficient manner at the school level and all levels of management.

Project Summary:

1- Delivery, installation and operation for electronics labs in six excelling schools according to global STEM Program in Kafr ElSheikh, Red Sea, Luxor, Ismailia, Menofeya and Gharbeya.

2- Providing training in Labview and the delivered equipments to the schools.