Egyptian Academy For Engineering & Advanced Technology (EAEAT)

The Egyptian Academy Is A Distinguished Educational Structure In Engineering Sciences And Advanced Technology In Local, Regional, And International Levels Aiming To Achieve Sustainable Development Through The Improvement Of Manufacturing And Production System.

Upgrade Educational And Administrative Services Provided By The Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology, According To Local And International Standards. Improve Scientific And Professional Skills To Students, Staff, And Faculty Members Through Continuous Training Programs. Prepare A Generation Of Alumni To Acquire Research Skills To Keep Pace With The Era Of Information Technology And Communication Systems Through Shifting From Teaching To Learning. Graduate Distinguished Engineers Capable Of Satisfying The Needs Of The Labor Market To Develop The National Manufacturing And Production. Achieve Continuous Development And Quality Assurance Through An Integrated System To Compete In Local, Regional, And International Levels.

Project Summary:
  1. Delivery, installation and operation for digital electronics, power electronics and robotics laboratories.
  2. Preparing Labview training center inside the academy.
  3. Delivering CLAD tests to students and professors.