About Us

“Smart Integrators for automation solutions and commerce, LLC” is an Egyptian based company that provides a wide variety of products and services in the field of industrial automation and control, telecommunications, network management systems and automation software.

Our main office is located in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. This location has been chosen carefully in order to provide better transportation facilities and better reachability to suppliers and customers besides a good appearance and respectable interface in the market.

Business philosophy:

Our scope is to fill the gaps in the automation industry market and to rebuild the proper educational and research life that our society deserves. 


Support and development of education and research in our region by curriculum development, linking education to the needs of the labor market and by support and serve our society as worthy of the best in educational services and scientific research level.
And to be the first choice in Egypt in the laboratory preparations for study and research in all areas of engineering.


Work on the transition from the theoretical to the practical education to serve the labor market. Build a business in the market that we should be proud of. Transfer the cutting edge technology to our market by linking with the most professional vendors all over the world in our field.

Code of Ethics

This code has been constructed according to the Egyptian customs and traditions besides authentic religious morality. It should be our commitment to maintain the highest levels of business ethics, personal integrity and compliance across all business. Also this code is constructed to define the proper relationship between employees, non-employee contract workers and customers. Violation for this code could result in revising the violator’s employment contract which may lead to direct termination or damages compensation.

  • Information gathered from internet from non official sites, should be confirmed from at least one extra source, as this type of information is tagged as untrustworthy.
  • Original sources should be mentioned for all documents and quotes.
  • Political or religious chatting or propaganda that leads to conflicts away from job goals is completely forbidden during working hours or at customer premises even if customer encouraged the subject.
  • Never to introduce your company, colleagues or work progress in negative words or actions.
  • Deadlines provided to customers should be studied carefully and so respected without effect to product quality.
  • Installments and payments in all our operations with suppliers, banks…etc, should be respected and paid on time.
  • The company is responsible to prepare the suitable learning and training environment for their employees in the limit of the targeted job.
  • Services provided by our company should be delivered with maximum quality and reliability based on global standards.
  • Customer’s information is surrounded by high level of confidentiality and should not be shared with other customers.
  • The employees are prohibited to exercise any work relevant to our business without informing the company and after its consent.
  • The company should be aware by any contact between employees and customers.
  • Respect human rights by protecting and enhancing the human dignity of everyone who works or deals with us.
  • Company’s information and data should not be shared with unauthorized persons or firms.
  • Safeguard the company’s physical property and financial assets are every employee responsibility to prevent their loss, theft or unauthorized use.
  • Company’s tools and misc should be used wisely and legally, and it is employee’s responsibility to use the company allocations appropriate use.
  • All expenditures must be undertaken for legitimate business purposes and never for personal use.
  • There is no differentiation between employees according to their genre, religion or place of birth.
  • New employees upon hire are expected to read the Code of Conduct and comply with its standards.



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